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Planet Ocean Aquatics and Coffee Shop
Welcome to the website for Planet Ocean Aquatics and Coffee-Shop.  Offering everything for the beginner to the experienced reef keeper, Planet Ocean has an extensive dry goods equipment range, a good selection of quality marine fish supplied by the Tropical Marine Centre as well as an extensive selection of soft, lps and sps corals and reef invertebrates.  Our Coffee-Shop offers hot and cold drinks, light snacks including sandwiches, baguettes and filled wraps, also hot food such as burgers, filled baked potatoes and homemade soup.  Our freshly made cakes also attract a good deal of attention.  A visit to Planet Ocean Aquatics and Coffee-Shop is sure to be a memorable one, so come in and take a look.
Our large main living-reef display aquarium at Planet Ocean separates the coffee-shop from the aquatics section.  It is viewable from 3 sides and shows off a wide selection of living corals, reef fish and creatures.  We also have 2 other smaller display reef aquariums showing customers what can be achieved in a smaller domestic situation.  These aquariums also show-off some of the latest equipment available in the hobby in a working display environment.  Our coffee-shop customers can sit, relax and watch in amazement at the unbelievable underwater world of the reef aquarium hobby with its colourful fish, stunning corals and diverse creatures going about their daily business in their own little ecosystem.
At Planet Ocean our livestock are our priority and are kept in the best conditions we can achieve.  Our centrally filtered fish system can hold a wide varied choice of quality marine fish supplied by The Tropical Marine Centre.  Our Coral and Invertebrate centralised system holds an extensive choice of soft, lps and sps corals together with a varied selection of reef invertebrates.  Petshop Licence provided by The Highland Council to Owner Mr Gary Millard, Licence No: MAU014660.

Planet Oceans dry goods equipment and accessories selection is extensive with all the best names in the hobby available on our shelves or available to order.  We can also order reef aquariums which can be delivered to your home driveway if you wish.  We pride ourselves on our varied selection of quality reef aquarium equipment that we stock and constantly search for those new 'high-end reef toys' that we all want in our set-up.  
Our Coffee-Shop is the 'heart' of Planet Ocean and provides an excellent place to sit, relax, have a latte and a piece of homemade cake while gazing at the stunning aquarium inhabitants in our reef-aquariums.  Alternatively it is also a great place to wait while your partner peruses their latest purchase for this addictive hobby.  Maybe meet new reef-keeping friends and discuss the latest reef-keeping views and share tips, at Planet Ocean we are all about creating a friendly family environment, have a 'bit of banter' and enjoy this wonderful hobby.  If its a 'flying' visit to Planet Ocean for that quick dry-goods purchase then our Coffee-Shop also offers a take-away hot/cold drink and light snack option.  
Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday - 10am to 4pm
Sunday - 11am to 4pm
Planet Ocean Aquatics and Coffee-Shop
Station Road
Tel : 01349861809
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